The Sunkoshi river meaning "River of gold" due to the color of the sun setting on the water, is one of the finest rivers available for rafting in the world. It drains the snow melt from the Langtang and Phubichyachu Himals bordering Tibet and beyond, Largerly through the Bhote Koshi, then flowing or into India to meet Gangas. Rapids encountered are between Grades 3-5 From the "put in" at Dolalghat to the "Take out" at chatra, near Dharan 270 km away in eastern Nepal, the river descends 500 meters. Throughout the Journey you are so remote as it takes a two- day walk out from the river to the nearest road. Only small isolated villages are encountered en route, so it is necessary to take all food and equipment to be fully self sufficient- a true expedition.To break up the return journey from Chatra we have an overnight stay at our exclusive permanent tented camp located just outside the Royal quiet and comfortable with hot showers too! The final day brings you back to Kathmandu.

Trip Itinerary